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Safa Niru Co. was founded in 1994, in Tehran, with a manufacturing site in the Jey Industrial Zone of Isfahan. The factory has been set up in 17,500 m2 of land, with assembling halls of 10,000 m2, equipped with all necessary machinery for its production line.


Safa Niru's specialized activities include:    Engineering, design, & turnkey supply of high voltage substation projects;

                                                                     Design & manufacturing of all types of outdoor disconnecting switches (from 11 KV up to 230 KV);

                                                                     Design & supply of control & protection systems for high voltage substations; 

                                                                     Balance of power plants (EPC contractor).


The capacity of annual major production is as follows:    Disconnectors up to 230 KV                500 Units

                                                                                          Protection and Control Panels           500 Units

                                                                                          Low Voltage Panels                         1000 Units

                                                                                          Distribution Panels                             250 Units


Safa Niru Co. has completed many projects with governmental organizations as well as private sector, for HV, EHV, & UHV substations of regional electrical companies, steel industry etc. and is the 2001 & 2003 winner of the International Electricity Exhibition (IEE) award in Tehran.

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