Control Panels  

Characteristics:         a)    The standing and closed units are made in different sizes, in accordance with the applications and volume of accessories.

                                       b)    Insulating Voltage of 1000 V.

                                       c)    Control & protection panels for industrial production lines and remote control panels are made in one unit.

                                       d)    Modern measuring and alarm instruments are mounted on the panel front.

                                       e)    All diagrams & mimics are drawn with permanent paint and labeling.

                                       f)    The panels are manufactured according to IEC and VDE standards.

                                       g)    The protection degree of panels are in accordance with IEC 439 (IP42 to IP54) standards.

                                       h)    DCS, ACS, & SMS systems are supplied with control, protection, measuring, & alarm instruments etc.


    Relay & Protection Panels

Characteristics:         a)    Manufactured in accordance with latest European design with the highest quality.

                                       b)    Easy maintenance and simple addition of new equipment due to the use of special profiles.

                                       c)    All panels with front & rear access doors.

                                       d)    Glass shield can be mounted on the doors for visual access to the protection relays.

                                       e)    Panels can be extended by both sides.

                                        f)    The protection degree of panels are in accordance with IP42 to IP54 standards.


    Distribution Panels:     - Standing Distribution Panels

                                                 - Wall-Mounted Low-Voltage Panels

                                                 - Outdoor Marshalling Panels

    Characteristics:     All distribution panels manufactured by Safa Niru Co. are in accordance with the design criteria. The products are delivered after the complete quality control and testing.


    Technical Data:      Nominal Voltage                660     V AC

                                        Frequency                          40-60      HZ

                                        Short Circuit Current         70            KA

                                        Protection Degree            IP42, IP54

                                        Nominal Current                4000           A


    Dimensions:              Height:                              2200     mm

                                          Depth:                                 800     mm

                                          Width:       400, 600, 800, 1000   mm    


    Medium-Voltage Panels (Metal Clad)

    Models:                      1)    Withdrawable C.B. Panels

                                         2)    Fixed C.B. Panels


    Characteristics:        a)    Structures made of profile panels.

                                          b)    Each unit separated by the side panels.

                                          c)    Easy future extension of panel board.

                                          d)    Low-voltage equipment such as protection relays and measuring devices are mounted in an accessible case.


    Technical Data:        Nominal Voltage                              7.2 - 24            KV

                                Insulating Voltage (1 min)               20 - 50             KV          

                                          Impulse Voltage                               60 - 125          KV   

                                          Nominal Current                               630 - 2500     KA

                                          Short Circuit Current (1 Sec)          12.5 - 25         KA

                                          Rated Frequency                                         50        HZ 





    - 20 KV outdoor Disconnecting switches                                           

      - 36 KV outdoor Disconnecting switches

      - 63 KV outdoor Disconnecting switches                   

      - 132 KV outdoor Disconnecting switches

      - 230 KV outdoor Disconnecting switches

                                      With & Without Earthing

                                      With Electrical & Manual Operating Mechanism





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